Saltwater Seduction Fishing

Saltwater fishing for Speckled Trout, Redfish, Bull Redfish, Tarpon and more. We even threw in a couple of fresh water pics. 

Cajun Party Bow Fishing Redfish Speckled Trout - 20170715

Cajun Party - Midnight Blue Bow Fishing - 7/14/17

Louisiana Redfish

Big Bull Redfish from Louisiana Marsh Fishing

Redfish Kayak Fishing

Kayak Marsh Fishing for Redfish in Louisiana

Hackberry Redfish

Hackberry Redfish 201606


Monster Bull Redfish with Bourgeois Fising Charters


Topwater Speckle Trout Fishing in the Louisiana Summer

Noel Rusk Ice Chest Full of Trout-201611

The result of a quick trip in the morning is an ice chest full of speckle trout.

Tommy Pellegrin Speckle Trout - 201602
Stringer of Louisiana Speckle Trout
Way to go Murphy
Louisiana Pond Fishing for Largemouth Bass
Tommy Pellegrin Redfish
Drum-Marsh Fishing
Marsh Fiishing and caught this Drum
Hot Rod Fishing Guide Service
Grand Isle Fishing Redfish
Hot Rod Fishing Guide Service
Grand Isle Fishing - Hot Rod Speckled Trout
The Fishing Boys - 20150522
Getting ready to clean a mess of Louisiana Speckle Trout and Redfish
Louisiana Pond Bass Fishing
Always fun to catch Largemouth Bass out of Louisiana Ponds
Best Fishing Buddies Ever
Spring 2003 with the best fishing buddies ever.
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