Urgent Medical Info

Let's face it....Accidents happen while fishing or on vacation! A subscription with Urgent Medical Info allows you to have you medical information with you. With Urgent Medical Info allows you can store:

- Emergency Contact Information

- Prescription Information

- Allergies

- Medical History

- Physician Contact Information

- Health/Dental/Vision/Pet Insurance Information

- Images prescriptions

- PDF reports from physicians

Once you enter enter your information in UrgentMedicalInfo.com, you can then share all or part of the information with necessary people with the click of a button and entering the person's email address. The person you have chosen to share the information will receive an email notifying them of the shared information. Please note, the person(s) you share the information with will only be able to view the shared information and not be able to edit the information. Once you have completed your vacation or fishing trip, you can stop sharing the information with the click of a button on your smartphone or computer. 

In addition, your subscription includes the ability to add 9 additional profiles for you to manage. You can create a profile for your spouse, children, parents, in-laws, loved ones under your care and even pets. 

You can access this information via a computer or on a smart phone (both require internet connection). 

UrgentMedicalInfo.com is a secure (HIPAA compliant) online storage system giving you the ability to manage your medical information accurately. 

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