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Custom Jet Ski PVC Fishing Rack

What do you do when you can't get to your boat in Florida? Well, you borrow a pair of jet ski's and build a custom PVC fishing rack for one of them.

What started off as just an idea, is now a reality. The Sea Doo has a slanted back with a hump in the middle of it. So, this made a challenge straight out the box for the design. In addition, we primarily use KYSEK ice chest. The initial design was to use a KYSEK 35L. After careful consideration, we opted for the KYSEK 25L simply because it weighs less.


Do you use 1 inch schedule 40 PVC or 1.25? We went with the 1.25 size so we could use PVC fittings as rod holders.

How did you secure the Rack to the ski? We did not drill any new holes in the ski. We use two straps. The first strap is secured to the rope ring at the base of the seat. The second strap is a ratchet strap which hooks on both sides of the jet ski and runs through the PVC rack.

How fast did you run? We secured the rack to the jet ski before we got on the highway. We reached speeds of 80 mph, Once on the water, the top speed was 30 mph with choppy water. The rack functioned perfectly.

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